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Comprehensive Learning Path for Deep Learning in 2021

learning path for Deep Learning“Deep learning is omnipresent at this very moment. From the leading research laboratories in the world to startups looking to design solutions, deep learning is at the center of the contemporary technological revolution.”

As the name implies Deep learning stands for Mastery in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence which is presently the most talked about the discussion in the tech world and for a fairly good reason. In simpler terms, Deep learning is a subcategory of Machine learning and Machine learning is the subcategory of artificial intelligence. Over the past decade, we have witnessed several technologies that were once just a work of science fiction come to life and transform the way we carry out our daily tasks.

Experts predict artificial intelligence to become an integral part of the production facilities to bring about growth and change in the way tasks are carried out in many departments across multiple sectors. It is predicted that by 2030 the inclusion of artificial intelligence could maximize labor productivity by 30% or more, across more than 10+ developed nations that would provide the platform for the workforce skilled in integrating Artificial Intelligence into multiple industries which are related to increasing the GDP of the country.

According to a report issued by Gartner in 2019, the number of organizations adopting artificial intelligence had jumped from 4% to 14% between the years 2018 & 2019. The benefits outlining the inclusion of artificial intelligence and machine learning have several benefits ranging from business analysis, risk assessment, research, and development to cost savings that firms have released assuring the growth of learning path for deep learning in the coming years.

However, there is a growing concern of the companies who take up artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) do not fully understand the technologies and often fail to imply the implications of these technologies in their day-to-day operations. FORBES has pointed out that close to 40% of European companies who claim to artificial intelligence (AI) startups have never really used these technologies in their operations.

The benefits of a learning path for deep learning and machine learning algorithms are gaining popularity. But many firms implying to use these techs or currently using these techs to some extent lack the sufficient and skilled manpower to include the technology into their daily operations. With the advancement in technologies and Deep learning taking over the more tedious parts of the company’s operations. Organizations will soon be on the lookout for individuals who have the necessary skills to understand and include these time & cost-saving technologies into the company’s daily, day to day operations to upgrade output and increase productivity.

What is the scope of the learning path for deep learning courses for the future?

The steady and constant expansion of data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) has brought about enlightenment in the future decision of several firms, that it is imperative to have a skilled Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer or Data Scientist on board before any decisions about the company’s future is decided. Top job portals have shown a rise of 30% in job postings for data scientists and artificial intelligence (AI) skilled professionals in the year 2019-2020.

Multiple individuals dreaming of getting a job in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) initially turn to YouTube for videos to understand about the job profile and understand what responsibilities the job entails and what tools they would need to master to become a successful data scientist or artificial intelligence (AI) engineer. Several videos on YouTube showcase the use and working of tools related to artificial intelligence like Python machine learning. But nothing concrete has been designed to give the user a detailed and step by step introduction to a comprehensive learning path for deep learning and provide examples-based project or assignments or case studies or real-life situation-based study material to help the user capture the concept.

Several online institutes offer courses on Artificial Intelligence(AI), but all of them are either self-paced or online instructor-based courses where any doubts or clarification regarding the topic of the learning path for deep learning being taught would not be clarified right away.

On the other hand, Analytics Training Hub specializes in a physical classroom-style training module that builds a connection between the tutor and the students, and any doubts about any topic are cleared on hand. They also have online classes which are based on the physical classes taken by this institute and a Q&A session post completion of the online course which is prerecorded footage of previously held sessions. Where the students are seen asking the most common & most relevant FAQ to the trainer and the trainer clarifying those doubts without any issues.

As per the salary trend in India the compensation structure of a Data scientist on an average range between INR 400K – INR 1,000K per year. Below is a graph denoting the same

learning path for machine learning

Whereas the compensation packages for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer may range from INR 600K – INR 1,200K. There are not many reports to show the salary trend of an AI engineer, but we believe that this job trend will break all records in the coming near future.

deep learning learning path 2021



The learning path for Deep Learning is slowly and steadily gaining popularity and momentum and will only increase soon with the rise and spread of data in all the major domains of our daily lives. The demand for skilled professionals who have mastered the art of Deep Learning has increased many folds over the last few years. The need for mastery in deep learning has evolved from the need to under the neural network of how the human brain operates and for a skilled professional to be able to understand and control such technology with ease. The future of the Comprehensive learning path for deep learning in 2020 and the coming years has become all the more important. Companies are ready to provide suitable and handsome packages to individuals who are skilled in this particular domain.

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