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Microsoft Excel Certification​

Microsoft Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, and is widely used for sorting, analyzing, storing, and reporting data. It is simple to use and highly visual which makes it popular among enterprises. Individuals can benefit from Microsoft Excel training courses that provide effective tips, techniques and formulas to make the best use of this program in their organization.

With the help of industry experts-created material and highly experienced trainers, they will acquire the knowledge needed to become professional Excel experts. They can also learn how to search, and filter information with ease as well as master working with functions and formulas so they can efficiently utilize MS Excel in their daily work life.

Advantages of Microsoft Excel:

It’s really time-consuming to organize and manipulate data manually.  Excel not only makes this process incredibly fast but also reduces room for specific human errors, such as miscounting or miscalculating.

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Is Microsoft Excel certification worth it?

Gaining an Excel certification can be beneficial for one’s career, as it is a globally recognized credential that can prove advantageous in multiple disciplines such as accounting, finance, project management, marketing, technology and education.
Earning a Microsoft Excel certification can set you apart in the job market and shows employers and hiring managers that you have the necessary skills to do the job. In some instances, having an Excel certification may even be a prerequisite to applying for the position.
The MS Excel certification is attainable, but you need to stay focused and have a complete working knowledge of the application. Next, download as many practice exams and review the sample objectives that will be possibly asked in the exams.

Instructor-Led Microsoft Excel Online Training

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Basic to Advanced Excel Course Content

For the curriculum, you will cover  in this course, click on the tab to check the detailed content

Module 1:- Getting Started with Excel

  • Introduction to Excel 2013/2016/2019/Office 365
  • Application Interface and Key Components of Excel
  • Navigating Through Excel Ribbon Tabs
  • Exploring Important Excel Options*
  • Live Session Exercise
  • Splitting data of Single Column into multiple
  • 10 Examples to use Auto-fill and Flash Fill
  • Magic of Go-To Special
  • Merge/Unmerge Cells & Wrap Text
  • Extracting Unique Values & Important Ribbon, General and Data Entry Keyboard Shortcuts

Module 2:- Formatting Essentials

  • Formatting Essentials Introduction
  • Custom Cell Number Formats
  • Custom Date/Time Formats
  • Working with Comments / Notes
  • Format Painter – A Quick way to copy ‘Formatting Attribute’
  • Paste Special
  • Table, Table Styles & Formatting
  • Freeze Panes

Module 3:- Functions & Formulas

  • Introduction to Excel Functions and Formulas
  • Basics of Functions & Formulas
  • Working with Cell References Types
  • Most Used Basics & Advanced Functions & Formulas
  • Working with Array Formulas
  • Creating Customized Formulas Step-by-Step with Live examples
  • Creating and Working with Dynamic Ranges using Function and Excel Table features
  • Formulas Debugging / Formulas Auditing
  • Types of Formula Errors / Error Handling Tricks
  • Date & Time Functions: – DATE, DAYS, TIME, NOW, WEEKNUM, WORKDAY, and WORKDAY.INTL etc.
  • Statistical Functions: – AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, MAX, MIN, LARGE etc.
  • Logical Functions: – IF, IFS, AND, OR, and IFERROR.
  • Newly Introduced Functions in Recent Version of Excel*: – CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, IFS, SWITCH, DGET, UNIQUE, FILTER, etc.
  • Nested Conditions/Customize Formulas*

Module 4:- Data Analysis

  • Data Sorting
  • Data Filtering
  • Named Ranges
  • 10 different ways to use Conditional Formatting
  • 10 different use of Data Validation
  • What-If Analysis

Module 5:- Excel Charts

  • Introduction to Excel Charts
  • Exploring the most commonly used Charts and Templates
  • Basics of Charts
  • Selecting Requirement based Charts
  • Working with Basic Charts:
  • Creating Customized / Advanced Charts
  • Creating Dynamic Chart
  • Working with Dynamic Interactive Charts in Excel using Drop Down
  • Working with Chart Elements, Formatting, Chart Styles, Properties, etc.

Module 6:- Pivot Tables

  • Introduction to Pivot Table
  • Creating a Pivot Table
  • Use of Calculated Fields/Items
  • Pivot Table Formatting
  • Grouping Items & Summarizing data in Pivot Tables
  • Grouping and Bucketing data in Pivot Table
  • Changing/Modifying Data Sources
  • Working with Pivot Table Designs & Layouts
  • Exploring Important Pivot Table Options & Field Settings
  • Pivot Table Filters
  • Changing Pivot Table Summary Calculation
  • Use of Slicers in Pivot Table
  • Using Source Data to Convert into Infographic Summary
  • Introduction to Pivot Charts


✔️ 14 Hours / 7-8 Sessions
✔️ Per Session for 2 to 2.5 Hours

We have included unlimited real-life examples and case studies in our course.

After every session you will get assignments, study material & real-life case studies & Projects. 

In a set of the time period, you will be having access to getting support from our expert

After completing your course, we will provide you with a Course Completion Certificate

You will get 100% job assistance according to your CTC, Experience, and Present skills If you opt for any of our packages.

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    Most Frequent Questions and Answers

    ATH is a credible MS-Excel institute that offers the best MS-Excel training to students by covering a range of topics, including Introduction to Excel and Advanced Excel, Freezing Pane, Sorting, Totals, and Subtotals Total, Data Forms, Filtering Data, What if’ analysis, Grouping and outlining data & Many more.

    Our faculty members are MNC professionals who have hands-on and real-world experience of working with Excel. Each of our professionals has more than 5 years of teaching experience to ensure students must rest assured that they are getting the best of the best quality education at the right price.

    No, you don’t because we offer MS Excel training from beginner to advance level.

    As part of the course, learners will get weekly assignments and module-wise case studies. Once they successfully complete all their assignments, we’d evaluate them, and then the certificate shall be awarded.

    We provide 100% job assistance with you in the driving seat!

    Student Reviews

    Really enjoyed the course.. It gave an amazing experience of 2 days session with Mr. Anil Dhawan Sir, It was very useful and informative. ATH is a very good place to learn data analytics courses. Learn a lot from the session..
    ATH student review
    Rahul Sharma
    Financial Analysts

    I have get the training of excel for 2 days from anil dhawan sir. It was the great and amazing experience. We learnt a lot new things and it's very beneficial for our future.
    Ath student review
    Shivangi Singh
    Administrative Assistants
    Absolutely recommendable! If you are in search of a Microsoft Excel Certification ​Course & Job Assistance then this place is good to opt. Before joining them I was actually in doubt whether they will be able to help me to get a job in this field or not but now I am really happy. I have got a good job ...
    ATH student review
    Vikas Chaudhary
    Retail Store Managers

    I am working as a HR,and it requires excel workings regularly so I searched a lot for advanced excel classes,and came across this one..Trust me people,its the best class if you want to learn excel or any other Microsoft Office Programs..Sir is too communicative and teaches in an organized manner.
    ATH student Review
    Shivani Goyal
    Data Architect and Administrators

    ATH is the best place to start your Data Analytics Journey, I enrolled for Excel, Power BI, My SQL. Their Counsellors suggested me this package after understanding my whole scenario...but yes it was worth it. Highly recommended
    ATH student review
    Dolly Sharma
    Data Engineer

    ATH is such a ladder for career growth, as i studied in many institutes but after taking classes my belief is restored that good institutes still exists, who’s totally focuses on skill development of students instead of only making money.
    Aman Singh
    Data Analyst

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