Analytics Training Hub was born in 2016, with the perception of being a one-stop platform for your solutions. We wanted you to explore the advanced technologies and embrace the importance of this segment. Analytical Training hub has served more than 10,000+ people, they surmised the importance of resources and time for their clients. The clients who crave MIS, Data Analytics & more industrial training at flexible timings with affordable prices. The vision of the Analytics Training Hub was shared among their trainers and industry experts who have more than 10 years of expertise and 7+ years of minimum training. For us our clients are not just an assignment, we help you grow along with everyone in minimal time and resources. We pursue what you dream. 

Growth can be subjective for many people. Analytics Training Hub gives you the platform of training and development through which you can easily excel in your career. Unlike other organisations, we provide effective guidance throughout our training sessions. ATH team always relied on excellence and potential solutions for all their clients. We rooted the vision of growing along with society. ATH believed in qualitative services since digitalization is on the rise, and many employees wanted to expand with the new features of modernization. We believed that everyone consumes skills but with effective guidance and training, those skills can elevate the level of productivity in their professional life.

What matters to us?

With more & more companies understanding the importance of data management, the vision was to create a platform that would be an amalgamation of increased productivity working hand in hand with constructive guidance to assist our clients to gain the appropriate exposure in the numerous data-analytic-tool courses that we have designed from scratch, to prepare them to handle any situation that a real work floor environment might throw at them.


Analytics Training Hub was built with the vision to redefine the world of analytics for our probable professionals. We provide constructive guidance to all who have faced limitations while growing in the corporate sector. We aim to assist you in minimal time and resources


Analytics Training Hub is fully dedicated to its clients. We follow all the aspects of this course. We aim to increase your efficiency. ATH intensifies the role of analytics in your professional career to give you an edge. Apart from delivering the course content, the team of ATH also provides throughout assistance to its clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to tune your fragile vocation into an ever-lasting career in analytics. We want you to explore the field of analytics. We give you an edge to increase your productivity over other employees because we aspire for your success.

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Since 2016

Analytics Training Hub toiled with the motive of being a one-stop platform for your solutions. We knew that growth is mandatory for those who wish to expand in this competitive world. Analytics Training Hub believes that efficiency has no limits, therefore growth is boundless. We give you the platform of training and development through which you can easily excel in your career. Analytics Training Hub was founded by Mr. Anil Dhawan, a man with the aspiration to help people understand how analytics can reshape their careers.

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yes, everyone is eligible either from a technical or non-technical background

it will be online instructor LED live Sessions

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We are specialized in Data Analytics, we have the most demanded tools like- Power BI, Tableau, Python, etc.

Yes, you can interact and ask your queries and any kind of doubts in mid of the class and as well as at the end of the class

Yes, you can move towards data science after learning data analytics

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