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Power BI Certification Training

Power BI Certification Course can be best defined in the field of analytics as a solution that helps the organization to share the vision among everyone. In simpler words, with the help of Power BI, the client can also distribute his/her insight. It has two ways to offer, one would be to share it among everyone or embed them in the app or website. 

Advantages of Power BI

Particularly talking about analytics, Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform. Its offerings are majorly for non-technical users. The function would be to enable them to analyze, visualize and share their data.

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Future scope of Power BI

Power BI is one of the Business Intelligence tools and its demand is increasing every day, especially for those who are into the data management profile. Microsoft is the leading Gartner Magic Quadrant for analytics for the last 12 years.

After Completing the power bi Certification Placement

Almost every MNC is giving preference to those candidates who are having knowledge of Power BI. Companies like:- Google, Cognizant, Dell, KPMG, Hitachi, Wipro, Avanade, Annik Inc, Brillio, and 45,000 MNCs across 185 countries use Power BI

Power BI Certification is Valuable

Power BI becomes a more demanding tool by industries, so a good hike you are going to be claimed after completing this course.

Instructor-Led Online Training

Batch Start DateClass TypeUpcoming SlotsTimingsLocation
23rd July 2023Online Instructor-Led TrainingSold Out
1:30 PM - 3:30 PMOnline
27th August 2023Online Instructor-Led TrainingFilling Fast
weekday batch
1:00 PM - 3:00 PMOnline
30th September 2023Online Instructor-Led TrainingSAT & SUN (4 Weeks)
Weekend Batch
TBDOnline & Offline

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INR 17,110/-
INR 13,230/- Incl. of GST

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Power BI Course Content

For the curriculum, you will cover  in this course, click on the tab to check the detailed content

Module 1:- Introduction to Power BI

  • What is Data Analytics & Data Visualization
    • Introduction to Data Analysis
    • Introduction to Data Visualization
    • What is Business Intelligence?
    • Overview of Self-Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) Tools
    • Leading Self-service tools
    • Comparison of Leading Visualization Tools
  • Getting Started with Power BI
    • Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
    • Why Power BI
    • Power BI Elements
    • Basic Components of Power BI
    • Building Blocks of Power BI
    • Key Benefits of Power BI
  • Hands-On
    • Power BI Installation
  • Skills Gained
    • Understanding of Data Analysis & Visualizations
    • Concepts of Business Intelligence
    • Installing Power BI on the System
    • Elements and Building Blocks of Power BI

Module 2:- Getting Data from Different Data Sources

  • Power Bi Desktop (Getting Data)
    • What is Power BI Desktop
    • Quick Walk-through Power BI Interface
    • Views in Power BI Desktop
    • Report View
    • Data view
    • Model view
    • Understanding ETL Concepts: Extract, Transform & Load
    • Data Sources in Power BI Desktop
    • Connecting and Getting data from different sources in Power BI
    • Getting data from Excel, CSV, Access, etc
    • Saving Workfile
  • Hands-On
    • Identifying and retrieving data from different data sources
    • Extracting and Loading data into Power BI
    • Preparing Data
  • Skills Gained
    • Concepts of ETL tool
    • Getting data from multiple sources

Module 3:- Clean, Transform and Load the Data

  • Shaping Data using Power Query
    • Loading data into Power BI Desktop
    • What is Query Editor
      • Cleaning Data with Query Editor
    • Transforming Data with Query Editor
      • Unpivoting Columns
      • Eliminating Rows / Columns
      • Changing / Modifying Data Types
      • Adding Custom Columns
      • Replacing Values / NULL
      • Promoting / Demoting Row as Header
      • Modifying and managing existing ‘Steps’
    • Extracting Date Components from Date-Time
    • Introduction to “M Query”
    • Combining Data
      • Append Merge / Joins, Transpose & Formatting Data Operations
    • Hands-On
      • Cleaning Data using Power Query Editor
      • Shaping the data
      • Transforming and cleaning the data
      • Merging Rows / Columns from multiple tables
      • Joins / Append activities
    • Skills Gained
      • Data Transformation using Query Editor
      • Loading the data
      • Understanding of “M Query”

Module 4:- Design a Data Model

  • Introduction to Data Modeling
    • Understanding of Relationship
      • What is Relationship?
      • One to Many Vs One to One Relationship
    • Auto-Detect Relationship during Load
    • Dimension Table Vs Fact Table
    • Cardinality in Data Modeling
    • Creating Relationship Manually
    • Managing Data Relationship
    • Editing Relationship
    • Creating Calculated Columns
    • Creating Measures
    • Optimizing Data Models for Better Visuals
    • Cross Filter Direction
    • Defining Hierarchies
  • Hands-On
    • Creating Model Relationships
    • Managing Relationships
    • Creating Measures
    • Creating hierarchies
  • Skills Gained
    • Understanding the basics of data modeling
    • Defining relationships and their cardinality
    • Understand star schema and its’ importance
    • Managing relationships

Module 5:- DAX Formulas & Calculations

  • Introduction to Data Analysis Expression (DAX)
    • Importance of DAX
    • Data Types in DAX
    • Defining Calculation Type
      • Calculated Column Vs Calculated Measures
      • Adding New Measures to Report
      • Creating Calculated / DAX Tables
    • DAX Syntax & Operators
    • Most Important & Common Basics & Advanced DAX Functions
      • Aggregate Functions
      • Logical Functions
      • Time-Intelligence Functions
      • Information Functions
    • DAX Variables
    • Formatting DAX Code
    • Handling Errors in DAX Expressions
  • Hands-On
    • Creating Calculated Tables
    • Creating Calculated Columns and Measures
    • Writing DAX calculations to perform Data Analysis
    • Beautifying DAX
    • Creating Variables
  • Skills Gained
    • Understanding DAX
    • Create Calculated Columns, Measures & Tables
    • Working with Advanced functions e.g. Time-Intelligence, Filter contexts etc.

Module 6:- Data Visualization & Creating Reports

  • Introduction to Visuals in Power BI
    • Creating Visualization
    • How to use Visual
    • Exploring Visualizations’ List
    • Exploring Most Common & Important Visualizations
      • Bar, Column, Line and Area Charts
      • Pie, Donut, and Gauge Charts
      • Single Number Cards and Multi Row Cards
      • Table & Matrix Visuals
      • Combo Chart, Funnel and Treemap Charts
      • Slicer, KPI and Custom Visuals
      • Map & Filled Map Visuals
    • Modifying Color Properties of Charts and Visuals
    • Shapes, Text Box, Buttons, and Images
    • Types of Filters
    • Slice and Dice Data in Power BI
    • Drilling-Up/Down
    • Understanding Custom Visuals & How to add them
    • Customizing Canvas
      • Setting up Canvas & Must Know Global Fonts
      • Page Layout & Formatting
    • Bookmarks in Power BI
    • Reports in Power BI
    • Conditionally formatting tables/matrixes
    • Activity: Creating Sales Report
  • Hands-On
    • Creating visual and charts
    • Designing a report
    • Managing visual fields and format properties
  • Skills Gained
    • Creating and selecting effective visualizations
    • Designing report page layout and Visual modification
    • Adding report navigation & basic functionalities
    • Creating visually stunning reports

Module 7:- Power BI Service and Managed Workspaces

  • Introduction to Power BI Service & Workspaces
  • What is Power BI Service
    • Exploring Interface of Power BI Service
    • Understanding the Admin Portal settings
  • What is Power BI Workspace
    • Understanding of “Workspace”
    • My Workspace Vs New Workspace
    • Creating New Workspace
    • Sharing and Managing Workspaces
  • Roles in workspaces in Power BI
  • Exploring Power BI Licensing
    • Power BI Free Vs Power BI Pro Vs Premium
  • Hands-On
    • Publishing reports on Power BI Service
    • Creating workspaces
    • Sharing and Managing Reports
    • Moving important assets to App and Publishing app in Power BI
  • Skills Gained
    • Knowledge of Power BI Service (Cloud)
    • Workspaces in Power BI
    • Creating and managing a workspace

Module 8:- Creating Dashboard in Power BI

  • Dashboard in Power BI
    • Introduction to Dashboard
    • Difference between Report Vs Dashboard
    • Preparing and Creating Dashboard
      • Configuring a Dashboard
      • Pinning Visuals to Dashboard
    • Dashboard Tiles
      • Pinning Tiles
    • Dashboard Widgets
    • Introduction to Power BI Q&A
      • Asking questions about data
      • Fetching results using Q&A
      • Using Q&A to create a dashboard tile
    • Quick Insights in Power BI
      • Data Analysis using Quick Insights
    • Sharing and Collaborating Dashboard with Business Users
  • Hands-On
    • Creating a Dashboard
    • Pinning visuals to Dashboard
    • Adding text/video widgets to Dashboard
    • Sharing and Moving Dashboard to distributed app
    • Use of Power BI Q&A to question your data
  • Skills Gained
    • Dashboard creation from report
    • Enhancing dashboard usability
    • Importance of Q&A and Quick Insights

Module 9:- Data Gateway, Security & Schedule Refresh

  • Report Security in Power BI
  • Introduction to Row-level Security (RLS)
    • Setting up and Enforcing Row-level security
    • Implementing Row-level security
  • Data Gateway & Report Scheduling
    • What is Data Gateway
    • Types of Gateway
      • On-premises data gateway (personal mode)
      • On-premises data gateway (standard mode)
    • Installing Data Gateway
    • Data Gateway System Requirement
    • Benefits of Data Gateway
    • Scheduled Refresh & Refreshing Data
    • Managing Data Source
      • Adding and removing a Data Source
    • Hands-On
      • Configuring & Implementing RLS
      • Managing datasets
      • Setting up On-Premise Data Gateway
      • Connecting Reports on Power BI Cloud with Local Data Files
      • Schedule dataset refresh
    • Skills Gained
      • Dashboard creation from report
      • Enhancing dashboard usability
      • Importance of Q&A and Quick Insights

Bonus Module:- In-Class Project

  • In-Class Project: Building Sales Report & Dashboard from Scratch
    • Extracting Data from the Local Source
    • Transforming Data using Power Query
      • Cleaning, Shaping and Preparing the data if necessary
    • Loading Data to Power BI Desktop
    • Building Data Model
    • Visual and Charts
    • Row-level Security
    • Publishing Reports
    • Power BI Service
    • Creating Dashboard
  • Hands-On
    • Analyzing Sales data
    • Derive conclusions from the patterns and trends shown in the visualization
  • Skills Gained
    • Report and Dashboard creation
    • Publishing, sharing and collaborating it with Business users


✔️ 18 Hours / 9 Sessions
✔️ Per Session for 2 Hours

We have included unlimited real-life examples and case studies in our course.

After every session you will get assignments, study material & real-life case studies & Projects. 

In a set of the time period, you will be having access to getting support from our expert

After completing your course, we will provide you with a Course Completion Certificate

You will get 100% job assistance according to your CTC, Experience, and Present skills If you opt for any of our packages.

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    Most Frequent Questions and Answers

    Power BI can be best defined in the field of analytics as a solution that helps the organization to share the vision among everyone.

    As part of the course, learners will get weekly assignments and module-wise case studies. Once they successfully complete all their assignments, we’d evaluate them, and then the certificate shall be awarded.

    We provide 100% job assistance to get job according to your experience, skills and your expectations

    Student Reviews

    Really enjoyed the course.. It gave an amazing experience of 2 days session with Mr. Anil Dhawan Sir, It was very useful and informative. ATH is a very good place to learn data analytics courses. Learn a lot from the session..
    ATH student review
    Rahul Sharma
    Financial Analysts

    I have get the training of excel for 2 days from anil dhawan sir. It was the great and amazing experience. We learnt a lot new things and it's very beneficial for our future.
    Ath student review
    Shivangi Singh
    Administrative Assistants
    Absolutely recommendable! If you are in search of a Microsoft Excel Certification ​Course & Job Assistance then this place is good to opt. Before joining them I was actually in doubt whether they will be able to help me to get a job in this field or not but now I am really happy. I have got a good job ...
    ATH student review
    Vikas Chaudhary
    Retail Store Managers

    I have completed four modules from ATH. It was a great learning experience as the Instructors are highly trained professionals, who have in depth knowledge of all the concepts and provide variety of case studies. This helped me understand all the modules effortlessly.
    Amandeep Vaseer
    Power BI Data Analyst
    It was an amazing experience with Analytics Training Hub, being a learner what we want, good learning, good environment, knowledgeable trainer, support, our queries need to be resolved on time, content should be up-to-date, data for practice and I am happy to say that I have got everything.
    Rashmi Sharma
    Power BI Software Engineer
    I took the Power BI Course from ATH to restart my career, so initially, I was afraid to start my learning through an Online platform as I was starting it after a long break but the ATH team has built confidence in me and convinced me to start learning online. Now, today I have completed my 5 months of course and I am really happy with the sessions, trainers, support...
    Manvi Gupta
    Senior Business Intelligence

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