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VBA & Macros Certification

VBA & Macros Certification allows the user to automate the applications offered by Excel such as doing calculations, generating reports, and fabricating graphs and charts. Macro is another term that dictates the activity of automation. The entire process helps clients to save time by repeating the same steps. This segment is the occurrence of Microsoft event driven-programming language Visual Basics which is related to the integrated development environment. This event driven-program language is mainly used in the applications of MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Access.

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Why learn VBA & Macros

Being into the data management profile we have to learn VBA & Macros, now we are left with any other choice. VBA considers the advanced part of MS Excel. So, if companies are asking for Advanced Excel then undoubtedly companies are asking for VBA & Macros skills.

Yes, absolutely! VBA is certainly not the most modern programming language VBA skilled employees who are having 1 or 2 years of experience are getting hired more than those candidates who have already spent 5-6 years in the same industry with the knowledge of MS Excel only.

How much does an Earn Certified VBA

The average salary gets increased if you add VBA skills along with MS Excel skills, according to payscale companies are offering an average salary of more than 5 lacs per annum.

Instructor-Led Online Training

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3:00 PM to 5:00 PMOnline
No Batch DateOnline - Recorded SessionsStart Anytime / AnywhereNASelf Paced Learning

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INR 10,440/- + GST
INR 4,500/- Incl. of GST

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VBA / Macros Course Content

For the curriculum, you will cover  in this course, click on the tab to check the detailed content

Getting Started with VBA

  • Quick Recap of Microsoft Excel
  • Introduction to Developer Ribbon Tab
  • Introduction to VBA
  • What is VBA / Macro in Excel?
  • Introduction to Visual Basic Editor Window
  • Getting Familiar with Visual Basic Editor (VBE)
  • Customizing the VBE Environment
  • The Macro Recorder
  • Executing / Modifying Recorded Macros
  • Saving Macro Workbook

VBA Nuts & Bolts

  • Introduction to Sub and Function Procedures
  • Introducing the Excel VBA Object Model (A must-know thing to become a Pro in VBA)
  • Properties and Methods
  • Important and Useful Properties of Application Object
  • Working with Ranges Objects
  • Working with Comments
  • Variable, Data Types, and Constant
  • Finding the Last or Next available Row/Column
  • Selecting Rows/Columns/Table (Normally & Dynamically)

Working with Loops, Conditional Statements & Arrays

  • Introduction to VBA Loops & Conditional Statements
  • Working with Conditional Statements
  • Working with Loops
  • Working with Message & Inbox Box
  • With-End with Constructs
  • Controlling Program Flow
  • Introduction to Arrays

Formula Writing in VBA

  • Introduction to Excel VBA Functions and Worksheet Functions
  • Difference between R1C1 and A1 style referencing
  • Difference between Worksheet Functions Vs Active.cell Formula
  • Getting started with VBA Excel Functions
  • Getting started with WorksheetFunction
  • Working with Function Procedures
  • Getting started with User Defined Functions (UDF)
  • Fixing arguments of Formulas in VBA
  • Working and Creating Customize Functions
  • Error Handling & Debugging Techniques

UserForm & GUI

  • User Form Introduction
  • Exploring Form Controls & ActiveX Controls
  • Exploring UserForm Controls
  • Cycle/Sequence to follow to create UserForm
  • Validating User Inputs
  • Testing a UserForm
  • User Form Tricks
  • Understanding User Form Events

Working with Excel Features

  • Working with Pivot Tables
  • Charts
  • Sorting & Filtering

Interaction with Other Applications (Bonus)

  • Add-Inns
  • Type of different Excel events
  • Starting an application from Excel
  • Interacting with Microsoft Office Apps
  • Controlling Excel from another application
  • Sending Personalized emails via Outlook
  • Sending e-mail attachments from Excel
  • Working with Files & Folders
  • Converting / Saving Excel Files into PDF


✔️ 16 Hours / 7-8 Sessions
✔️ Per Session for 2 to 2.5 Hours

We have included unlimited real-life examples and case studies in our course.

After every session you will get assignments, study material & real-life case studies & Projects. 

In a set of the time period, you will be having access to getting support from our expert

After completing your course, we will provide you with a Course Completion Certificate

You will get 100% job assistance according to your CTC, Experience, and Present skills If you opt for any of our packages.

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    Most Frequent Questions and Answers

    VBA Macros stand for Visual Basic for Applications, which is nothing but an event-driven programming language from Microsoft that assists in Tool Automation and Development. When it comes to increasing the work efficiency and minimizing human input, nothing could beat VBA programming in Excel.

    Yes, you should have working knowledge of MS Excel before enrolling in VBA & Macros course.

    As part of the course, learners will get weekly assignments and module-wise case studies. Once they successfully complete all their assignments, we’d evaluate them, and then the certificate shall be awarded.

    We provide 100% job assistance with you in the driving seat!

    Student Reviews

    The course was very well organized and structured into easy to understand topics. I would recommend this training to everyone, including companies that want to increase their productivity by 20-35%. We at Aktiv Technologies organised this activity for 27 of our employees and we are very happy satisfied with the way the training went.
    ATH student review
    Mukarram Khan
    HR at Aktiv

    Great experience with ATH The mentors are very supportive and educated they were ready to solve each student query in between the class and teach very well also handling team is always there to resolve the query anytime. I will highly recommend ATH for those who are really want to learn Technical tools from technical trainers.
    heena khanna
    Data Journalists
    It was really great learning experience with ATH for VBA & Macros Certification Course! They have highly experienced and professional trainers, their case studies and assignment was really helpful to practice all the sessions and finally, I got a good opportunity in Ericsson as Data Analyst.. Thanks team for creating such a platform which is helpful in our skills and career both
    Akshit Sharma
    Data Analyst at Ericsson

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