What are the Data Science Projects that you should include in your Curriculum Vitae?

The most popular procedures being fraud analysis, Online Chatbots, and operations optimization. The knowledge and experience of artificial intelligence and machine learning have become a major prerequisite to several job profiles across multiple domains.

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Comprehensive learning path for Deep Learning in 2021

Are looking to the best courses for analyst? Data Analytic tools like MS Excel, VBA, My SQL, Power BI, Tableau and many more are the key to unlocking the mysteries hidden in data. Join us at Analytics Training Hub to achieve a level of mastery in these high demand tools and train with the best trainers

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Best Data Visualization Tools for 2021

Data has enveloped the entire global market, every trade that happens at the global market has a relevant connection to data. Today companies are investing heavily in individuals who are capable of extracting and analyzing this vast ocean of data to draw strategies and help companies gain an edge over the competition.

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