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Python Core Programming Certification Training

Python is an integral part of data analytics as its fabricated to carry out repetitive functions and anyone who has worked with large or big data understands the monotonous role of repetition and the importance of automating it. With a programming tool to bear the brunt of the repetition task data analyst can focus on the other curious and satisfying sections of work.
Knowledge of Python also entails knowing the multiple libraries that are present such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib which help data analysts to automate the repetitive functions involved when dealing with big data and are important tools that come in handy post-competition of a certified course in Python from Analytics Training Hub.

(6K+ Satisfied Learners)

Python is one of the Business Intelligence tools and its demand is increasing every day especially for those who are into the data management profile. 

Almost every MNC’s are giving preference to those candidates who are having knowledge of Python. Companies like:- Google, Cognizant, Dell, KPMG, Hitachi, Wipro, Avanade, Annik Inc, Brillio, and 45,000 MNCs across 185 countries use Python

Python becomes a more demanding tool by industries, so good hike you are going to be claimed after completing this course.

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Instructor-Led Online Training

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17th Sep 2022OnlineSold Out
11:00 AM to 1:00 PMOnline
15th Oct 2022OnlineFilling Fast
weekday batch
10:30 AM to 12:30 PMOnline
19th Nov 2022OnlineSAT & SUN (4 Weeks)
weekend batch
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INR 12,000/- + GST

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Python Course Content

For the curriculum, you will cover  in this course, click on the tab to check the detailed content

  • Need of Programming with an Example
  • Why Programming?
  • Advantages of Programming
  • Different Programming Languages
  • Introduction to Python
    • A Brief History of Python
    • Why Python
  • Installing Python
  • Creating Python File using IDLE
  • Write your first Program in Python
  • How to execute Python Program
  • Identifier
    • Rules for Naming Identifiers
  • Variables
  • Operator
    • Operator Types
  • Q&A
    • Introduction to Python Data Types
    • Strings
      • Introduction to Python ‘String’ data type
      • String Properties
      • String built-in functions



    • Programming with Strings
    • String Formatting
    • Lists and Tuples
      • Introduction to Python ‘List’ data type
      • List Properties
      • List built-in functions
      • Programming with Lists
      • List Comprehension
      • Introduction to Python ‘tuple’ data types
      • Tuples as Read only lists
    • Dictionary and Sets
      • Introduction to Python ‘Dictionary’ data type
      • Creating a dictionary
      • Dictionary built-in functions
      • Introduction to Python ‘set’ data types
      • Set and Set properties
      • Set built-in functions
    • Q&A
  • Introduction to Conditional Statements
    • Types of Conditional Statements
      • If….Statement
      • If….Else Statement
      • Elif…. Statement
    • Introduction to Loops
      • Types of Loops in Python
        • While….Loop
        • For….Loop
        • Nested Loop
  • Introduction to Loop Control Statements
    • Loop Control Statements Keywords
      • Break Statement
      • Continue Statement
      • Pass Statement
    • Q&A
  • Introduction to Python Functions
  • User-Defined Functions
    • Functions definition and return statement
    • Calling a Function
    • Parameters and Arguments
    • Required Arguments
    • Default Argument
  • Variable Scope in Function
    • Local Scope
    • Global Scope
    • Enclosing Scope
    • Built-in Scope
  • Modules and Packages
    • Importing Module (from, import statement)
  • Anonymous functions (Lambda)
  • Q&A
  • Getting started working with Files
    • File Objects and Modes of file operations
    • Reading, Writing, and use of ‘With’ Keyword
    • Read(), Readline(), Readlines(), Write(), Writeline()
  • Introduction to Exception Handling
    • Understanding Exceptions
    • Handling An Exceptions
    • Try, Except, Else, and Finalizing
    • Raising Exceptions with Raise, Assert
  • Introduction to Object Orientated Programming (OOPs)
    • Why OOPs
    • Difference Between POPs and OOPs
    • OOPs Concepts
    • Python OOP Vs Other OOPs
    • Class and Objects
    • Relation Between Class and Objects
    • Creating a Class
    • Attributes
      • Built-In Class Attributes
      • Class Variable and Instance Variable
    • Constructor and Destructor
    • Multiple Constructors
    • Abstraction
    • Inheritance
      • Inheritance Types
    • Overloading
    • Overriding
    • Data Hiding
  • Q&A
  • Introduction to Regular Expressions
    • What are Regular Expressions
    • Regular Expressions Operations
    • Search Function
    • Match Function
    • Modifiers
    • Patterns
  • Database Connectivity
    • Introduction to Database Connectivity
    • Connections
    • Executing Queries
    • Transactions
  • Q&A
  • What is Data Manipulation
  • Introductions to Pandas
  • Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • Data Structures & Series
  • Data Frame
  • Missing Values  
  • Data Operations
  • Data Standardizations
  • Pandas File Read (CSV, Excel, SQL) and Write Support
  • Data Acquisition (Import & Export)
  • Introduction to Data Visualization using Matplotlib
    • Installing Matplotlib
    • Plotting in Matplotlib
    • Creating First Plot with Matplotlib
    • Creating Column/Line/Scatter Plots
  • Wrapping Python Core Program
  • Q&A


✔️ 16 Hours / 8 Sessions
✔️ Per Session for 2 Hours

We have included unlimited real-life examples and case studies in our course.

After every session you will get assignments, study material & real-life case studies & Projects. 

In a set of the time period, you will be having access to getting support from our expert

After completing your course, we will provide you with a Course Completion Certificate

You will get 100% job assistance according to your CTC, Experience, and Present skills If you opt for any of our packages.

Need more details about the course, let’s connect with our experts

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Data analysts or data scientists interested in learning Python’s tools for doing Data Science. Business Analysts and Business Intelligence experts who would like to learn how to use Python for doing their data own analysis tasks will also find this tutorial very helpful. Software engineers and developers interested in Python’s capabilities for analyzing data gain a lot from this course. 

Yes, you would be require SQL knowledge for Python

As part of the course, learners will get weekly assignments and module-wise case studies. Once they successfully complete all their assignments, we’d evaluate them, and then the certificate shall be awarded.

We provide 100% job assistance with you in the driving seat!

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