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Top Institutes for Data Visualization Course

Top Institutes for Data Visualization Course

Data management has become the talk of the town. Data is bringing about a revolution in the world of business and trade, companies are investing in assets which will help firms manage, understand, and extract meaningful insights from the data about the company’s business and trade.

The most lethal in the war of the data which the firms are most heavily dependent upon are Business analyst with skills of data visualization. These professional are not only armed with the right expertise but also help the higher management or the company see patterns or insights which are not visible just by staring at data. The demand for Data Analyst & Business Analyst professionals have shot up over the past few years and only seems to be gaining momentum in the coming future.

Equipping oneself with the complete and essential knowledge of Data or Business Analyst seems to be the next best thing one could do to survive in the competitive and ever-expanding world of data-driven business and trade. So, here are a few of the best institutes which are offering Certification Data visualization course:-

 Data Visualization Course with Analytix Labs

AnalytixLabs is one of the well renowned Artificial Intelligence & Data Science institutes across India. They provide clients specific custom-tailored courses to help customers get job-ready. AnalytixLabs provides Business Analytics and data visualization certification course with 3 different styles of course completion to choose from

  1. Self-paced eLearning
  2. Classroom & basic industry application
  3. Interactive Live online

The module includes 360 hours of training which includes 160 hours of online sessions & 160 hours of self-study material, they also offer 15 assessments/projects and 23 case studies to complete the 360 hours of the training program. The tools they cover in this course are MS Excel, Macros & VBA, SQL, and Tableau. The course completion certificate is only provided post submission of projects and assignments only if they are up to the mark. Career support is provided although the period is not mentioned and as a special feature offer boot camp training in all the courses.

Data Visualization Course with Edureka

Edureka is another famous platform which is known for courses related to Data Industry and management. They offer different styles of tutting for courses depending on the technicality ranging from PG programs, Cloud computing, DevOps, BI and Visualization, Data Science, Big Data, and many more.

Unfortunately, Edureka does not have a combo offer for Data visualization and Business analytics tailored to this specific need with individual courses for Power BI & Tableau spread across weekday & weekend classes and courses for MS Excel and SQL integrated into self-paced learning modules.

Although Edureka offers many courses, but they do not have any decent combo offers. So, if you choose Edureka make sure to go through other websites that offer combo packages with better perks.

Data Visualization Course with DexLab

DexLab Solutions is another prominent name in the big data analytics industry, with their aim at becoming the leading institute in its field. DexLab was founded by a team of core professionals who dreamt of creating a platform for accelerated learning for anyone looking to leave a mark in the big data industry. The vision was to arm professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to help them make it big in this growth-oriented sector across multiple competencies.

DexLab offers a course in Business Analytics and Data Visualization certification with two distinct learning mediums. The first is a live online package that happens over weekdays and weekends. The second is a cheaper option and a self-paced learning module. Both the tutting styles cover tools like MS Excel, VBA, SQL & Tableau. With certification being provided post-assessment and batches not extending more than 10-12 students so that each student is given individual attention during the live session classes.

Data Visualization Course with Analytics Training Hub

Analytics Training Hub is the most popular training institute in the Delhi NCR region. The training hub was owned & started by two ex-employees of a very well renowned IT brand and had worked as analysts for close to 10 years for the same brand. They bring to the work floor a combined experience of 20+ years in working with analytics and training.

Analytics Training Hub offers physical & online courses and one singular course in ‘Business Analytics and Data Visualization Certification’ which have over 100 hours of training hours spread across 25 weeks, 150+ hours in projects and assessments, and multiple industry-based case studies. Along with a certification they provide a minimum of 3-months of post-completion support for their most basic package i.e., MS Excel and according to the student, reviews have great trainers and flexibility in adjusting classes of students who may have missed a weekend class due to unforeseen circumstances. The classroom-style curriculum is most recommended by the students as a lot of case study related doubts are cleared on the spot with scenario-based examples.


Simplilearn started from a blog in the fall of 2009 and has journeyed to become the world’s #1 Online boot camp for training focused on helping people acquire job-related/required skills to thrive in the market. Based in San Francisco & Bangalore they have helped hundreds of thousands of professionals across the globe. They offer courses ranging from cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, digital marketing, data science, and many more. With a claim of close to 85% of positive feedbacks from the clients.

For the Data visualization and business analytics option, they are offering a master’s course in the Business analyst which is a self-paced learning module with the inclusion of projects, assessments, and case studies which help in better understanding of concepts and cover tools like MS Excel, NumPy, Power BI, Tableau and many more.

Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is an online platform that deals particularly in data science and data analytics courses. The aim at becoming the complete portal capable of serving all knowledge and career-based needs for data science professionals.

In terms of offers about Business Analytics and data visualization certification Analytics Vidhya is offering a ‘Certified Business Analytics program’ which is a self-paced learning module offering multiple projects, assessments & case studies to aid the student in the capture of the concept/topic. The tools covered in this topic are SQL, Python, MS Excel, and many more. Analytics Vidhya along with certification also offers telephonic and online support. The special feature about analytics Vidhya is that they specialize particularly in Data Science and Data analytics courses, unlike other institutes which do not hold any specialty.

Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is one of the leaders in preaching professionals and technical certifications in India. Their curriculum has been designed post-investigation and understanding the gap in the existing circular of various academic courses and specific requirements by the industry. Their modules are designed in a way to help both students and working professionals with either an in-depth understanding of skills or job-specific requirements.

For the business analytic and data visualization course Henry Harvin has 2 separate courses which are ‘Business analytics certification training with R or Python’ and ‘Data Visualization using Tableau’ both the courses are available in an online style tutting module and a self-paced style learning. Both courses have different online training hours and 50 hours of eLearning access. Availability of projects, assessments, and case studies is not mentioned. Although there is a certification that is provided and a 12-month support period post completion of the courses. The special feature of Henry Harvin is that during the 12-month support period they provide experts related to the course who help with the support and the brush-up sessions relating to the course.


IntelliPaat is an online platform that offers courses across multiple domains. Courses may range from Big Data Hadoop, Python Data Science, Data Science, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. As per IntelliPaat, the training modules have been created in collaboration with some of the top multinational corporations and universities like IBM, Microsoft, E& ICT Academy IIT Guwahati, EC-Council, etc.

IntelliPaat offers a master’s course in Business Analyst. It is an online learning module that offers a total of 250 hours of training. Which is spread across an online training of 108 hours and 126 hours of self-paced learning. With 50+ projects and assignments and 55 hours of case studies and exercises. The program would cover tools like MS Excel, SQL, Tableau, etc. IntelliPaat offers a certification post completion of the master’s program and provides 24×7 lifetime support and access with flexible scheduling of classes and a lifetime free upgrade to any other course that the user would wish to do with IntelliPaat.


The comparison is drawn for a skilled and professional platform where the user can get the best course of Data visualization and Business analytics is help the reader to draw a line as to which style of deal or package works best for them.

But as the person drawing the comparison and investigating every domain. I would personally recommend the Analytics training hub as the complete deal. They offer the best all tools inclusive package with an interactive physical session and a custom-tailored designed package. You would say that other platforms are offering the same. But my counter to that is that ‘Yes’ they might be offering, but the offer is only for online classes which is not much of a task. The actual task is to personally follow up with every student and ensuring not to exceed the 10-12 batch limit whilst providing flexibility in the training schedule and minimum 3-month support post-course completion for the smallest course of MS Excel shows the kind of personal touch Analytics Training Hub imposes in its training style.

Although my recommendation may not be suitable to a lot of readers out there, I believe that if you were to “Do something, do it right otherwise DO NOT do it at all”. So, if you are looking for quality and value for your hard-earned money Analytics Training Hub is the platform for the best Business Analytics and Data Visualization certification course in Faridabad. They also offer online classes, but the clarity one attains with a one on one with a physical instructor far surpasses any online course available in India.

InstituteAnalytix LabsEdurekaDexlabsAnalytics Training HubSimpliLearnAnalytics VidhyaHenry HarvinIntellipat
Data Visualization ToolsMS Excel
TableauMS Excel
MS Access
MS Excel
Power BI
R language
Power BI
MS Excel
Scikit Learn
Online Instructor-Led TrainingYESYESYESYESYESNONOYES
Training hours33 sessions x 3 hours = 99 Hours of instructor-led training + 62 hours of eLearning12 sessions x 3 hours = 36 hours of instructor-led training12 sessions x 2 hours = 48 hours + lifetime access to self-paced version50 sessions x 2 hours = 100 hours + 150+ hours of assignments and case studiesSelf-paced learningSelf-PacedOnline/self-paced and 50 hours of eLearning access30 hours of instructor-led live sessions + 16 hours eLearning + 32 Hours of project work and case studies
Self-study material62 hoursYESYESYESYESAccess till 6 months from the date of enrollment50 hours of E-learning access126 hrs of self-paced learning
Projects / Assessments15After each class a quizYESMultiple topic related projects & assessmentsYES12+ real-life projectsLive projects32 hrs of case studies & exercises
Case Studies23Not MentionedYESMultiple topic related case studiesYESYESA few related to the topic32 hrs of case studies & exercises
Career guidance & SupportThe promise of support till the student requiresLifetime 24×7 online supportAssist in interviews and provide resume buildingProvides a minimum of 3 months of guidance & supportHave a specially designed JobAssist programNO12 months support via brushup sessions24 x7 lifetime support and access
CertificationOn satisfactory submission of projects and assessmentsYESYESPost submission of assignments & a final test covering all the topicsYESYESYESYES

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