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Data Analyst vs Data Scientist - What's the Difference?​

Although the term Data Analyst vs Data Scientist is used by many people and they use those terms interchangeably, data science and data analytics are unique fields, with the major difference being in the scope and advantages.

Data science is best described as a data tree which is a multidisciplinary of a number of fields used to mine large datasets and simplify them for better outcomes and results.

Data analytics is a little more concentrated version of data science.


Data Analyst vs Data Scientist Responsibilities

Data AnalystData Scientist
Use pre existing data to solve a problemUse current data to discover new opportunities
Create reports using SQLDevelop analytical methods and machine learning models
Create Dashboards using Power BI, Tableau etc.Data cleaning (lots of it)
Help gather incremental data from new sources.Conduct A/B testing
Data Mining

Analytics is completely devoted to looking for actionable insights that will soon be applied immediately based on existing queries or newly made queries at the same time.

Another significant difference between the two careers is the question of investigation and clarification. Data science does not deal with answering particular queries, instead glide through massive datasets in sometimes unstructured ways to expose insights.

Organisations must figure useful information from a collection of data. In this field of proficiency, Data analysis works better when it is focused, having queries in mind that need answers are majorly based on an existing data.

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist Qualifications

Data AnalystData Scientist
Bachelor’s degree or higher preferredMaster's degree or higher preferred
Masters for some positionsPhD required for some positions
Degrees in Computer science, statistics , mathematics, economics, financeDegrees in Computer Science, statistics, mathematics, economics, Physics

Data science that also produces or offers a wider perception which concentrates on the questions that should be asked, while big data analytics mainly emphasizes on discovering answers to queries being raised.

More importantly, a major variance in data science is that it stays more concerned about asking  or showing the bigger picture or questions rather than finding specific answers to them like data analytics.

Both the paths are majorly focused on fabricating potential trends based on existing data and along with that also explore better ways to analyse and structure data.

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist Salary

Data AnalystData Scientist
Entry level :- 1.9 to 2 lakh P.AEntry level :- 5.5 to 6.6 lakh P.A
Mid level :- 3.25 to 4 lakh P.AMid level :- 9 to 9.2 lakh P.A
Senior level :- 4.5 to 6.5 lakh P.ASenior level :- 10 to 20 lakh P.A

By adding data analytics into the blend, the user can turn those unknown ideas or information into processable insights with practical applications.

While contemplating these two disciplines, it is  important to not view  them as 2 different paths of data analytics vs data science.

Instead, the user should see them as parts of a whole that are vital to understanding not just the allocated information which is stored, but how the data can be analyzed and reviewed better for potential outcomes.


1. Is Data Analyst a good career?

Skilled data analyst’s are few of the job profiles which attract handsome compensation even at entry level. The source of this generous compensation is the high demand for skilled data analysts and their shortage in the market.

2. What companies hire Data Analysts?

Companies dealing with huge amounts of data generally require data analysts who can analyze the huge data and represent them in a way so as to generate meaningful insights with the use of the information extracted from the data. Companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook etc., compensate handsomely for the profile of a data analyst due to a shortage of skilled data analysts in the market.

3. Are Data Analysts jobs in demand?

The job profile for a data analyst is in high demand due to the lack of skilled data analysts in the market. Data analyst profile is the next big thing with data becoming the new currency, companies are investing in professionals who can skillfully deal and analyze huge amounts of data and present them in a way to help gain meaningful insights from the derived information and work toward the betterment of the organization.

4. What are the courses for data analyst?

Analytics Training Hub’s Data Analytics Courses are specially designed for individuals who want to become a successful Data Analyst.

Recommended Courses


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The Ultimate MySQL Certification

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MIS Course

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Data Visualization

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