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Top Artificial Intelligence Startups in 2022

top 100 ai companies

top ai startups 2022

The past few years have seen a rise in the number of artificial intelligence startups to make it big in the competitive market by implicating unique ideas into practice to woo the hearts of billions of customers/users across the globe. A similar trend has been noticed in the application development industry with a huge chunk of the crowd moving towards artificial intelligence ideas.

In today’s competitive times, we see one of the top 10 firms in the industry employing or utilizing a minimum of 5 – 10 ai applications depending on the business. The most popular procedures are fraud analysis, Online Chatbots, and operations optimization. The knowledge and experience of artificial intelligence and machine learning have become major prerequisites for several job profiles across multiple domains. In 2019, the net worth of the international data science market was estimated at $3.93 billion with the Compound Annual Growth rate (CAGR) expected to expand by 26% by 2027. At the forefront are many upcoming artificial intelligence startups which through innovation and technology are solving issues at a pace that was never imagined to be possible.

Below are a few of the top Artificial Intelligence Startups to look forward to in 2022:-


Artificial Intelligence

Named as a Gartner Cool vendor for 2020 in AI core technologies uses synthetic data to generate a smarter AI solution from years of training data in minutes. AI.REVERIE fabricates an entirely new class of data at a scale that makes artificial intelligence training affordable, fast and productive. AI.REVERIE enables 10 times the diversity at the 10th of the cost to enhance artificial intelligence execution when there is no room for inaccuracy or expenditure. It also employs 100% accuracy for all the note types to hasten artificial intelligence startups and stay within budget. It is utilized across different industries like retail, smart cities etc.


top ai startups

With patents in anomaly score, seasonality, and correlation technology. ANODOT helps the firm monitor its business. This artificial intelligence startup screens all the business’s data in real-time for striking rapid discovery of live events that impact the organization’s revenue. This public ai startup offers complete high-definition coverage in real-time. It is one of the most innovative startup idea platforms constructed from the fundamentals to supervise, evaluate, and compare all of the company’s data in real-time whilst radically boosting the execution and dependability of the trade. It is currently being employed in firms like King, pandora, ups, Xandr, and many more.

3.  Dataiku

ai startup ideas

Dataiku is an artificial intelligence startup that democratizes access to data and enables companies to pave their path to artificial intelligence with a human touch. The ai simulation company helps in drawing insights by linking and filtering the data and exporting the data into a structured table to be later on showcased as an enticing visualization. Post extrapolating ideas the models are put in place to build & apply the insights through machine learning and deploy the model for production purposes. Postproduction of the system helps to monitor and adjust the model through model management based on the feedback from the customers.


ai startup funding

The artificial intelligence startup boasts of transforming the firms to hire and retain a diverse global workforce with an artificial intelligence-powered talent intelligent platform. enables the firms to transform the company’s greatest asset, which is talent into a competitive advantage. It integrates talent acquisition, management, experience, and diversity all in one to provide a state-of-the-art platform for talent intelligence. The intelligence tool is being employed by some of the most famous leading global enterprises for their talent transformation like Air Asia, Tata, Twilio, Dolby,, etc.


Artificial Intelligence Startups

Frame AI is an artificial intelligence startup started back in 2016, it is a designer of a cooperative messaging portal devised to enhance business discussions. The portal is designed to act as an early warning and constant monitoring system that makes the customer voice an effective operational tool to inform data-driven customer experience (CX) urgencies. The company uses Natural language understanding and enables firms to pay attention to their customers at a magnitude across the several networks available for customer connections and make them actionable instantly. CX teams use to recognize the “why” behind customer feedback so that they can measure what works well and restrict the impact of what does not.

6.  BigML

top 100 ai companies

It is one of a kind artificial intelligence startup designed around an integrated machine learning platform. Designed to make machine learning (ML) simple and accessible to everyone. It aids multiple businesses around the world to fabricate highly automated and data-driven decisions whilst employing big machine learning as a service (MLASS). The firm brings to the table a wide variety of machine learning resources that may be amalgamated together to resolve complicated machine learning tasks. Clients may access these products by using the bigML dashboard which is an intuitive internet-based platform. Apart from its commercial implications, big has also debuted in multiple educational domains through its educational program.

7.  Instreamatic

Artificial Intelligence Startups

It is yet another innovative startup idea aimed at enhancing the voice dialogue marketing infrastructure within a firm. Artificial intelligence serves the firm by providing intelligent advertisements with which the clients may speak or interact with. It helps the organization reinvent audio marketing and showcase it in an entirely new prospect. An interactive user experience while interacting with audio marketing prospects makes it easy for people to engage with the company and gives a boost to the brand marketing labors. One out of 10 customers can be transformed into digital revenue whilst employing 1% of the inventory. 4 out of 10 customers have given a response to audio advertisements.

8.  Alation

Artificial Intelligence Startups

Yet another ai startup idea was named as the leader in the Gartner MQ for metadata management for the 4th consecutive year. Alation with an artificial intelligence-driven portal fabricated for data discovery, governance, stewardship, analytics, and digital transformation. A few of the many features that make Alation the best in its field are intelligence, collaboration, guided navigation, active governance, and widespread connectivity. This artificial intelligence startup helps drive data analyst productivity, govern data, discover data, accelerate cloud transformations, manage risk and compliance, and many more. Alation enables data analysts less time on finding the data and more time to analyze it. The most effective catalogs created by Alation not only showcase the data available but also expose the governance-related distinctions to the operator.


ai startups in India

An ai startup is a medical imaging firm specializing in applied artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector. The organization employs advanced deep learning protocols to interact with time-sensitive information about patients suffering from stroke directly to the specialist who could utilize the right procedures without wasting precious time to save the patients’ lives. The mission of the company is to change the way healthcare services are employed across the globe, through artificial intelligence and machine learning which promises a better response time and avoids any delays in providing the patient with treatment in the least time-consuming way possible whilst speeding up medical innovation.

10.      Luminovo

  Artificial Intelligence Startups

A fairly young public ai startup compared to the other applications. Luminoso is a deep learning company that is a data-driven and collaborative electronics manufacturing services, request for quotation (EMS RFQ) software that provides users the breakthrough and a competitive edge in the market. The application enables complete Rfq’s at lightning-fast speeds through end-to-end quoting in real-time with support from distinctively smart algorithms. The application helps the operator get competitive prices in a consolidated list. The firm aims to present innovations faster for everyone.

History proves that humanity has evolved through time with the aid of innovation, from the onset of innovation in transport to the implications of artificial intelligence in our everyday domain. Innovation has always been the end and means to human evolution. In the present times, innovations in artificial intelligence would be the next big thing and will lead the pole position in the race for human evolution. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have untapped potential in solving some of the biggest crises being faced by humanity in these times and can offer multiple solutions to solve several issues at hand and those still yet to come. Artificial Intelligence startups have paved a path to the future and humanity seems to be following this path in close proximity.

The above-mentioned ai simulation companies are a few of the many ai startups available in the market, which may be the right fit for your business depending on the requirements.

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