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10 Reasons Why Learn Microsoft Power BI?

 advantages of power bi over excelPower BI is a cloud-based business intelligence tool that enables the user to analyze and vitalize any data without any charge. The tool empowers the users to connect to data, design reports, and fabricate dashboards based on the reports. Multiple BI tools have provided several analysis requirements to the market, but no one comes even close to what Power BI features as a business intelligence tool has to offer. Below are a few advantages of Power BI mentioned that make Power Bi stand out from the rest of the crowd.


Here are 10 Reasons to Learn Microsoft Power BI:-

1.  Free Features Available for all

Power BI features are free of charge for users operating with data with the 1 GB data bracket. Users are allowed to create reports and dashboards free of charge till the time the data and the user does not exceed the mentioned limit. The user may also share and view visuals with other users and also view other visualization with the free account. The feature available to the users are limited, but still pretty extensive for a free program.

2.  Drag & Drop Feature for Visualization

This feature of Power BI makes it stand apart from the competition. The user may just drag and drop the fields of data that require to be visualized. This feature, in particular, makes working with Power BI fun, due to numerous visualization features, and the drag and drop feature brings up the beat-suited visualization for the data or the user may modify a preexisting visual in Power BI.

3. Simple Sharing

The most innovative feature of Power BI is the ability to share a big report consisting of numbers and figures into a visually appealing report and showcase the data interestingly and innovatively giving rise to the user’s creativity. So, when using Power BI, no more boring numbers and the multitude of data to scrum through.

4. Periodic Refresh

Power BI creates a link with the data source through the cloud process involved in the extraction of data. Power Bi refreshes the reports created based on the data in regular intervals, so that if any changes are made at the source of the data the changes may be displayed simultaneously in the report created from the data source.

5. Mobile Friendly

Microsoft has created a Power BI application that supports iOS, android, and windows smartphones. This inclusion of the application in an app allows visualization on the go.

6. Basic Language Queries

Microsoft Power BI enables the user to raise queries against the data gathered by the user. It also enables the user to query the visualization through the dashboard in the most basic English language. The feature also allows the user to save the query on the dashboard for future purposes and also showcases the visual with the power of visualization.

7. Interactive Dashboards

Dashboards are multiple reports merged into one visualization. The Operator may create a personal dashboard and see all the important data in one customized window whenever the operator logs in to the dashboard. Data can be accumulated from multiple sources, so having the customized option of creating a custom dashboard for the client seems to be a pretty viable and convenient option, which displays all the data that a customer would need to see about his/her business. Microsoft Power BI is also capable of creating a relationship between the data gathered by the user and once the relationship or the link is established with just one click on any of the linked data the linked reports will be showcased to be pulled up by the user.

8. Content Modules

These are pre-programmed reports and dashboards that form a link to the different data sources. To employ the content pack, all the user needs to do is, log in to Power BI and choose the style of content from the content pack section and click on it to install. Once installed the content pack will redesign a pre-programmed report or dashboard as per the operator’s choice.

9. Power BI Desktop

This is another user-friendly feature of Microsoft power bi that allows the user to download the desktop app and create visualization by creating a link to the data sources and generating reports. The desktop feature consists of multiple out-of-the-box features to assist the user to manipulate data as per the user’s liking.

10. Access Any Data

Microsoft Power BI is capable of extrapolating data from multiple data sources. The user may create a link with multiple sources, fabricate links between data and transform data into interactive reports to be shared with the colleagues of the firm. Here is a list of sources that Power BI can extract data from: –

Why Learn Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI tutorial is the most revolutionary game-changing business intelligence tool available to professionals in the data industry and has coming nothing less than a boon to its users. It is one of the few tools that has always been on the top of Gartner’s Magic quadrant. So, learning Power BI through an online power bi course or a physical live training session will be beneficial to the operator in the short or the long run.

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