Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications, an event-driven programming language from Microsoft. It is now predominantly used with Microsoft Office applications such as MS-Excel, MS-Word, and MS-Access. This tutorial teaches the basics of VBA. Each of the sections contains related topics with simple and useful examples

Why you should learn VBA?

  • To automate all your repetitive daily task in Excel
  • Fresher are benefited from this training course as they have the opportunity for a better job
  • Good job opportunities after completing this course successfully
  • Commonly used tool in all organization for the data management
  • Easily available and cheap resource to manage data, reports, analysis, etc.

What you will get in this course?

  • After every session, you will be getting Case Studies
  • Support till 6 months after completing this course
  • VBA tips & videos update
What you will learn in this course? (in short)
  •  Getting Started with VBA
  • VBA Nuts & Bolts
  • Working with Loops, Conditional Statements & Arrays
  • Formula Writing in VBA
  • UserForm & GUI
  • Working with Excel Features
  • Interaction with Other Applications (Bonus)

Benefits of VBA Training

  • VBA is not only a language but primarily an integrated, interactive development environment
  • VBA being a creative language, the Excel APIs are excellent for getting things done faster.
  • One of the biggest advantages of VBA is that it is already present as part of the Office. This means that people who want to implement small projects in large organizations can do so without having to fund additional money to do it.

Career Scope in VBA 

Excel is used almost in all industry for reporting MIS, Data Analytics and research work whereas VBA is used to automate the Excel task to save time. Excel + VBA developers are most demanding and never bit ideal in the company without any work because all companies are having lots of work, especially for VBA resources. Therefore we can say that learning Excel + VBA both will open new doors of opportunities for you.

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