To start with, I got to know Anil through a reference and I’m already in the mid of the course now. The most important few things I noticed about his dedication and honesty towards his profession is the perseverance to help the trainee complete his course, his high patience level and the way he builds relationships. The one difficulty we corporate people face is the prioritization of things to do for our self development and gradually after paying the entire fees and taking one or two sessions, we somehow delay to continue to complete the course. Most of the institutes these days also leave it to us to decide on that part. This is where Anil completely stands out, where he pursues the trainee for his time so that we get the entire benefit of what we paid for, and Anil also gets satisfied only when we have learnt 100% of what we asked for. The level of follow-ups, patience, listening and the extended time he spends with people is really immense in order to achieve this. All the best Anil. Keep up the good work. My recommendation to people is, if you really want to start a course and ensure to complete is successfully and be satisfied with your money’s worth, ATH is undoubtedly the perfect place!!!