Excel Dashboard WorkshopData management is one of the most prominent tasks for any professional career. Since people found out that Excel can be used to store data in the multiple forms, the usability of Excel spreadsheet has been upraised. The most imposing fact about excel is its flexibility for any sort of work. Excel shares the workload with almost every sector. The features of Excel are not restricted to data management, it provides security to the files as well. Many segments of excel are used for different purposes, similarly, Excel dashboards can be a bewildering tool when the tasks include comparing data, tracking KPIs and getting data back views that will succour management to analyse. Mostly all the companies would require the Excel dashboard to manage their large sum of data that will aid them in decision making. 

Excel dashboard is defined as a single pager that assists business leaders and managers to track KPIs or metric and pull decision based on that. Excel dashboards are demanded by many employers. If the career revolves around creating reports with excel, therefore for better results it is mandatory to recognise the potential of Excel Dashboards and build out a visual and impressive board for better presentation. If one wishes to jump into company’s huge sand of data and is familiar with the excel charts, pivot tables, formulas and functions, then the next stop for them is to learn about Excel Dashboards  in our Excel Dashboard Workshop. 

ATH (Analytics Training Hub) based in Faridabad offers an interactive training of Excel Dashboards. In this write-up states the importance of Excel Dashboard Workshop

Excel Dashboard Workshop

in every sector and how it can be fruitful for workers. The professionalism dictates a lot from an employee since the employer or an organisation looks for competence and ATH focuses on the efficiency. This start-up has helped many people to evolve and learn how to bend their skills. ATH knew that if one manages to produce interactive Excel Dashboards, he/she may swell in their respective fields. Though this course is not meant to be for the beginners because building associated Dashboards require intermediate to advanced skills. One of the reasons for ATH to be specific about the requirements of this course is, if any course calls for “ALL LEVELS”, then it is either going to cover a load of basic features which were already established or it won’t reach to the advanced topics. 

Since different people sustain at different levels, therefore, ATH has also added an optional supplementary for those who wish to fill the knowledge gap of pivot tables, lookup formulas, conditional formatting, etc. It has room for everyone. Excel Dashboards are recommended since the training has paved the path for many since shared data visualisations and time-saving tips techniques will help the person to put the report together.

ATH training program will cover all the parameters of Excel Dashboards Workshop:

  1. The training would cover from questionnaires to check the drop-down list. 
  2. It will also educate them about the lead questions in the planning stage of the report.
  3. The session is followed by fabricating the report that is easy to read and interpret. It is important to make sure that the produced report should have high readability and can be easily understood. 
  4. Since Excel is about developing the required skills, ATH also covers pivot tables, lookup, conditional formulas with the help of Excel tutorials. 
  5. The chart is majorly used for data representation, therefore picking up the relevant chart is very essential, hence ATH training programme will help the employee to assimilate the same. 6. 
  6. Automation is on the rise, hence ATH will also tutor the trainee to build Dashboards that are easy to update and quick in nature. They aim to instruct the trainee to produce Dashboards that can get updated by themselves. 
  7. This training program will change the definition of interactive Dashboard since they desire to create reports in which the reader can change the view and filter by product, time period or any parameter. 

To make the training sessions more effective and productive, the following should kept in mind;

  1. The joiners should be aware of how to use Excel with the idea of how to build some basic formulas. 
  2. Pivot charts and tables are compulsory for the trainee, he/she may not be an expert, but they should be familiar with them. 
  3. Laptop with the minimum 2007 version of Excel is mandatory.

While proceeding with this course, the potential trainee would be able to create Dashboards/reports that will provide him with greater insight of the company. An exemplary report enables the employee to have a better view of the company so that a good or wise decision can be made based on the data provided.  

Here you can download few examples of our Excel Dashboard Workshop:-