Module 1       Getting Started with Dashboard Introduction

– Introduction to different type of Excel Dashboards
– How to deal with raw data – Data Cleaning , Data Formatting etc.
– What is KPI’s and why it is important to create dashboard
– Understand management requirement
– Purpose of Dashboard creation
– Session Study Material

Module 2       Custom Formatting

– Conditional Formatting
– Custom Formatting
– Formatting of Date, Numbers, Currency etc.
– Alignments
– Uses of Colors
– Height & Width
– Insert Dashboard Related Pictures
– Session Case Study

Module 3       Charts Creation

– Understand the Chart Selection
– Where we should use chart presentation
– How to create dynamic chart
– Chart Formatting

Module 4       Chart Formatting Exercises

– Combo Chart
– Pareto Analysis Charts
– Thermometer Chart
– Gauge Chart
– Gantt Chart
– Dynamic Chart by using Offset Function & Table
– Waterfall Chart
– Applying Conditional Formatting on Chart
– Incell Charts

Module 5       Customize Formulas

– Explore Relative & Absolute Reference
– Calculate Quarters
– Use Index function along with Match function
– How to pick up the sum of score
– How to calculate ranking
– Pick up top/bottom ranked employee name
– Pick up total sum of score by looking up date, week, month, year & quarter
– Explore the use of Offset Function
– Advance use of If Function
– Advance use of Vlookup function
– Lookup with Three Conditions: One Vertical, Two Horizontal
– How to use Name Range in Formulas
– How to Count and Sum Using Name Range

Module 6       Data Validation

– Create Drop Down list with Data Validation
– Prevent Duplicate Entries in a Range with Data Validation
– Create Dependent (Cascading) Drop Down List in Excel Using 5 Different Techniques
– Create Dynamic Drop-Down List in Excel Using 4 Different Methods

Module 7       Interactive Chart with Form Control       

– Interactive Chart with Combo box
– Interactive Chart with Check boxes
– Interactive Chart with Scroll Bar
– Speedometer Chart with Spin Button

Module 8       Dashboard Designing

– Dashboard Introduction
– Dashboard Design – 2D Stacked Bar Chart with Combo Boxes
– HR Dashboard Design & Analysis
– Sales Dashboard Design & Analysis
– Finance Dashboard Design & Analysis

Module 9       Dashboard Competition

What you will learn after completing this course: –

– Proficient in creating dynamic reports
– Able to understand data
– Easily can understand Management requirement
– Analyzation points
– Proficient in creating dashboard