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Best Courses for Analyst 2021

We have come a long way from maintaining records in files and cabinets. Data is expanding every day and more and more companies are switching over to data management as a source of storing the company records in a digitized format to save space and reduce carbon footprint.

The challenge a lot of firms faced while storing data in a digital format was the ability to extract and retrieve meaningful insights from past or recently gathered data and that is where analytics comes in

Analytics is a division of skills that allows the user to control and operate the storage, extraction, and study of huge quantities of data. The use of analytical skills also allows the user to extrapolate the required information from various sources of databases like cloud servers, DBMS (Database Management Systems), etc. Analytics has slowly and steadily become the need of the hour. There are multiple job profiles spread across multiple professional fields. Creating a wide variety of courses for analyst in multiple fields like healthcare, Information technology, transportation, and many more.

Below are a few of the many job profiles which show the scope of courses for analyst in India has been able to make a direct impact on the business and how simple tasks could be revolutionized by the end of the decade.

Data Scientist

The Data scientist career path entails utilizing their coding and analytical skills to collect and interpret large data sets. They help to collect data from multiple sources and work on sorting data according to the business requirements.

Data Analytics plays a vital role in the data scientist job as they are responsible for collecting raw data and sort it into better, organized, and systematic data. Data Scientist is responsible for exploring new ways of predicting and modeling consumer behavior as well as examining data summary and visualization practices for communicating key applied analytics conclusions.

What the future holds?

The future of data scientist work holds a promising future. The evolution of data has resulted in several opportunities for data scientists across the domain of data industry/management. The prospects for a data scientist have risen with the advancement in data storage capabilities.

Following is a trend in the constant search for topics related to Data science

Trend of Data Scientist Profile

With work from home lifestyle being integrated with the corporate domain, it has become important to understand the possibility of the need for data scientist’s as:-

  1. Post COVID-19 a lot of firms are forced to switch to work from home lifestyle
  2. Work from home lifestyle has ensured a rise in the amount of data being generated.
  3. To manage the new load of increased data, the demand for data scientists will be on the rise.

Analytic tools to master for becoming a successful Data Scientist

There are several tools that a data scientist uses to collect, clean, and transform the data to gain insights into the business are: –

Courses for Analyst as Data Scientist

Courses for Analyst as Data Scientist

The trend for a data scientist salary varies with the years of experience, below is a trend showcasing the salary trend of a data scientist

Salary Trend of Data Scientist

Data Analyst

The data analyst role focuses on processing data collected from data sets and cleaning, collecting, and transforming them into readable material. Analysts focus on creating ways to process and represent data to help companies gain actionable insights from the acquired information. Simply put, data analytics helps to simplify complex data and transform it into simple and understandable information upon which the management can take decisive action to help the companies record a profit.

Data Analytics also consummates a broader prospect of data mining from different database systems and collects and combines that data to create an analysis of the current or future trends or issues that the business might face.

What the future holds?

The scope of Data Analyst has been on the rise since the time data has taken over that world of trade and commerce. There is a constant need for skilled professionals who can collect and analyze the ever-changing and transforming pools of data. With each changing trend, there is an ever-expanding ocean of data and an ever-expanding need for skilled professionals who are capable of handling this huge mass of data with efficiency and ease. Many social media platforms also make use of social media analytics which broadens the scope of data analytics.

Below is a chart which shows data analyst as a growing trend over the past 5 years.

Trend of Data Analyst Profile

Post the pandemic there are a lot of companies offering options to a lot of their employees an option to work from home. The trend has brought about a good change when it comes to the work-life balance of the employees. But, at the same time impacted the amount of data that is being generated compared to the jump in the data being generated now.

There are about 500 million tweets, 294 billion emails, 400 thousand terabytes of data on Facebook, and many other websites that are creating tons of data every single day. The need for Data Analyst is on the rise and the scope seems to be ever-increasing in the years to come.

Analytic tools to master for becoming a successful Data Analyst

 There are multiple tools that a data analyst uses to ensure a smooth transition into the analysis, below are the list of tools anyone aiming to be a Data Analyst should master:

Courses for Analyst as Data Analyst

Courses for Analyst as Data Analyst

Below is a trend for a Data Analyst salary in INDIA. The more the years in experience the chances are there for moving on to the next level and at the same time increase the pay scale.

Salary trend of Data Analyst Profile

Sales Analyst

Sales analyst responsibilities play a very vital role in the growth factor of a company’s business. Sales Analysts work on optimizing promotional and operational efforts through the analysis and forecasting of sales and changing market/customer trends. Sales Analysts access data like customer metrics, competitors, sales sources, and many other pivotal areas affecting the sales criteria of the company. They work in tandem with the sales & marketing team and provide insights as to the next course of action which would help to achieve new sales targets post-analysis of the past and current data.

This is a data-driven profile and focuses largely on market analysis, budget forecastings, and industry expertise. They may also work on providing targets to the sales & marketing team to access future strategies and implications.

Future scope for Sales Analysts?

The future of sales analysts seems to be beaming with opportunities, especially post the arrival of e-commerce in India. Platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, JIOMart, etc have seen significant growth in traffic and have captured the virtual market. The tons of data related to sales being generated by these portals can be analyzed and portrayed in an enticing data visualization to create new ideas and in some cases even become responsible for manipulating the flow of business in the market.

Below is a graph representing the rise in demand for sales analyst over the past 5 years.

Trend of Future scope for Sales Analysts

The job of a sales analyst is the most decisive as they are indirectly responsible to steer the course of changing market trends and decide as to which of the company’s product they would like to focus on and post-analysis create a plethora of campaigns and advertisements with the help of the Sales & Marketing analytics team and change the trends prevailing in the market.

Analytic tools to master for becoming a successful Sales Analyst

There are few tools that a sales analyst is required to master to become the Jack of his trade. The tools are:-

Courses for Analyst as Sales Analyst

Courses for Analyst as Sales Analyst

Below is a pictorial representation of the sales analyst salary professionals of the field may expect

Salary Trend of Sales Analyst

Financial Analyst

The role of a Financial analyst is the backbone of any organization and follows the prescriptive analytics model. The analysis done by a financial analyst paves the path to the future commercial decisions of the company.

 The profile emphasizes being able to make the best use of the resources to plan and operate the current & future operation of the company in the most cost-effective way possible. The ability to predict the future budget and expenditure of the company place the Financial Analyst of the company in an especially important position. A Financial analyst needs to analyze several factors before making the final call. From analyzing current and past financial data to fabricating initiatives and policies that may aid in financial prosperity.

Future scope for Financial Analysts?

As per an analysis the prospects of a Financial data Analyst are stated to grow by 6% till 2028. A growing range of financial services and the need for in-depth knowledge of these services according to the geographic location is estimated to see a push shortly. The growing economy tends to open new opportunities for more and financial analysts and create a boom in this field.

Below is the google trend for the rising demand for financial Analysts in the past 5 years.

Trend of Future scope for Financial Analysts

Demand for Financial Analyst jobs seems to be on the rise with the explosion of ‘Big Data’ and more and more firms looking for skilled individuals to guide the company on the path to success. This style of analysis will aid the business to manage their investments in the most judicious way possible and identify new arising investment trends and deliver new products/services to the customer.

Analytic tools to master for becoming a successful Financial Analyst

Below are a few tools that help hone the Financial Analyst skills needed to become recognized in this field of work:-

Courses for Analyst as Financial Analyst

Courses for Analyst as Financial Analyst

Below is a graph showcasing the trend of a Financial Analyst salary in India

Salary trend for Financial Analyst

Operation’s Analyst

Operations Analyst analyses any defects in the business or operations model of a firm. These Analysts conduct investigations, research workflows, company procedures, and recommend any necessary changes to maximize business productivity. These analysts are often hired by the headquarters of a multinational company to run operation analysis in their offices spread across the globe.

These analysts ensure that the offices follow the SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure’s) laid down by the company and if any deviation from these SOP’s is happening, find out the root cause and come with solutions to get the procedures back on track. Operational Analysts are also part of internal audits that happen in a firm to detect any deviation from the main SOP’s.

Future scope for Operation Analysts?

The demand for operation Analyst jobs has become a requirement in almost most of the sectors. From logistics to healthcare Operation Analysts have become the guiding star to set up a cost-effective way of developing procedures helpful to the organization and the staff.

Operation Analysts have a wide field of expertise ranging from market surveys to human resource interaction to figure the best possible model for setting up the operations model.

Below is the trend showcasing the steady rise in demand for Operations Analyst.

Trend for Operations Analyst

The job of the Operations Analyst is to restructure or reconfigure the current operating model without hampering the other operation models in place or all in all, restructure the entire company’s operational model if need be to ensure a massive difference in the company’s productive output.

Analytic tools to master for becoming a successful Operations Analyst

Below are a few of the tools that considers as courses for analyst profile of Operations Analyst skills required to become good in operation analytics:-

Courses for Analyst as Operation Analyst

Courses for Analyst as Operation Analyst

Below is a graph demonstrating the trend of an Operations Analyst salary in India.

Salary Trend of Operation Analyst

Human Resources Analyst

The job profile of an HR Analyst entails identifying, finding, and reporting the issue to the HR director. The next step is to find solutions to solve the identified issue while adhering to the company’s policies and objectives.

This role is generally found in larger organizations that have a larger workforce and the data collected needs regular moderation & scrutiny. Along with analytical skills, an HR Analyst should also be good at interpersonal skills and strong communication. The job entails designing and delivering pieces of training across the firm, with different training aimed at a different level of employees and sometimes even higher management.

Future scope for Human Resources Analysts?

Today’s competitive times have resulted in a new wave of value creation, human capital, and data. Both these company assets can be managed and tackled by an HR Analyst. The future scope of an HR analyst job is ever-expanding with firms going global and spreading centers across the world. HR Analyst seated at each one of these centers can collect organizational data and share it with the headquarters so that similar SOP’s in staff welfare is created across the brand.

Job description for HR Analyst is the starting step of discovering opportunities to improve staff welfare, by collecting data from the staff on ways of improving staff facilities in an organization. HR analyst is often involved with metrics relating to staff productivity like absenteeism, employee turnover, etc.

Below is a graph that shows the trend for HR Analyst

Future scope for Human Resources Analysts

Analytic tools to master for becoming a successful HR Analyst

Below is the list of tools that would come in handy while working to improve HR analyst skills.

Courses for Analyst as an HR Analyst

Courses for Analyst as an HR Analyst

Being a very company compliant job profile, firms offer a decent pay package to an HR Analyst as along with human capital they also deal with data keeping in mind the compliance rules of the firms.

Below is the trend of a Human Resources Analyst salary in India.

Salary Trend for HR Analyst Profile


Data Analytics plays a very vital procedure in multiple fields and numerous domains. From collecting to transforming data to gaining meaningful insights, data analytics is playing an especially important role in the operations of a business. The rise of data analytics to the most demanded job of the century proves the growth prospects of this job profile in multiple fields.

Any individual who has mastered the art of using data analytics tools stands an extremely good chance of making it as a data analyst in the coming 10-15 years. The tools in themselves are pretty self-explanatory and pose a tremendous scope of use on being mastered. Data Analytics holds the key to unlocking the mysteries hidden in large data sets and individuals should strive to gain mastery of this art.

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